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Solar Sentry trailers for Botswana Police Service

6 Solar Sentry Trailers designed for Botswana Police Service leave our factory for delivery

These Solar Sentry Trailers are designed and manufactured in South Africa by Specialized Solar Systems for SSS-Grit-Tech in Botswana.

The unit is a robust power-house on wheels used for combating crime and also road safety. The design of the Solar Sentry Trailer is especially suited to traffic checkpoints at night. The unit is a self-sufficient solar energy supply featuring 4 x 100 watt 24-volt DC floodlights that illuminate the road surface for law enforcement officers to allow a safer working environment during field operations. The high-powered lighting can be extended to a height of 3 meters.

With its unique design,  the Solar Sentry is easily deployable and can be towed behind vehicles at up to 80 kilometers per hour.

The 15-inch tires make the Solar Sentry capable of being towed in most terrains.  Within minutes, law enforcement officers can light up their environment and safely fulfill their duties. Additional AC power outlets allow charging of AC electrical equipment.

During the daytime, the Solar Sentry, equipped with expandable solar panels, can supply up to 6kWh of power to the battery bank, which is safely hidden away within the Solar Sentry’s strong body. With a battery back-up power bank of up to 24kWh the Solar Sentry can provide 14 hours of high-powered lighting during the night and has an additional 14 hours of autonomy without being charged by either solar or AC power (totaling to 28 hours of lighting).

The Solar Sentry can be connected to a 220V AC outlet allowing the batteries to be charged without extending the PV solar array. The Solar Sentry Trailer includes a blue tarpaulin (cover) with a 25mm high-density sponge to protect the solar panels.

These units each have the following specifications:

  • 4 X 100W Super Bright DC powered LED lights
  • 1 X 3M extension/retractable mask(boom)
  • 1 X Blue LED flashing light
  • 10 X 200A deep cycle batteries
  • 1 X 50 A MPPT
  • 1 X 3KVA Inverter
  • 4 X PV Panels (1.2 kW)

The Solar Sentry Trailer can also be customized in design to fulfill specific requirements. Please contact for more information.


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