Rainbow Range Solar System with Appliances Kits

The Rainbow Product Range by Specialized Solar Systems is an affordable range of solar system and appliances kits.  The solar energy packaged kits include an off-grid solar system, photovoltaic panels, batteries, and bundled appliances.

The bundled appliances incorporate Specialized Solar Systems proprietary super-efficient DC-powered electrical devices.

Packaged Solar Energy with Appliances

The kits start with basic lighting, USB cell phone charging and a radio, to more elaborate offerings that can include satellite decoders, LED television sets and refrigeration.

With a quick-setup installation manual, the Rainbow Range bundled kits are delivered ready to install using a plug-and-play setup that includes all required wiring and consumables.

With over 30 000 of these units produced by Specialized Solar Systems for customers throughout Africa,  the Rainbow Range of smart DC grid technology and appliances kits,  is a practical,  economical and highly reliable integrated solar solution allowing energy access,  anywhere. The bundled solar products have put smiles on the faces of our many diverse and previously non-electrified customers.

The Rainbow Range – Choose your off-grid solar system and appliances kit,  according to color.  Below,  are the current Rainbow Range Solar System with Appliances Kits:

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