SS20-75DC DC Micro grid Solar Smartbox



The SS20 is Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) most commonly supplied off-grid solar DC micro-grid baseline system and is designed using proven solar energy technologies. The SS20 has many applications and is commonly used where grid electrification is not available. It is also used to supplement grid power.

The standard SS20 baseline system will generate enough power to provide adequate lighting and entertainment. The system has an interactive screen on the smart DB box that indicates battery voltage, load output Amp screen and panel input Amp screen confirming the efficiency of the system at all times.

  • 1 X SS20 Smart DB Box
    Radio output, Cell phone charger, Lighting outputs, 20A fused, interactive LCD screen, tamper proof, remote management option, 1 X Outlet plug box, TV output, Radio output, DSTV output – 1 X 12V DC Radio (FM & AM)
  • 3 X 3W Interior lights (LED new generation)
  • E27 Fittings and lampshades
  • 4 X Light ON/OFF switches
  • 1 X External 54 LED spotlight
  • 1 X Universal cell phone charger adapter (multiple cell phone adapters)
  • 1 X 75W Prime crystalline solar panel
  • 1 X Galvanised solar panel mounting frame (roof & floor mount)
  • 1 X 105A/H Deep cycle battery
  • 1 X Stainless steel battery box (tamper proof)
  • 20m X 0.75mm Cabtyre cable
  • 4m X 2.5mm Solar module cable