SS40 AC 450-800 DC Micro-grid

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The SS40 produced by SPECIALIZED SOLAR SYSTEMS (SSS) is an AC priority off-grid solar DC micro-grid system and is designed using proven solar energy technologies. Additionally, to a powerful DC output, the SS40 also includes an inverter to produce an 800W AC pure sine wave output. The system has many applications and is commonly used where grid electrification is not available. The standard SS40 micro-grid will generate enough power to provide adequate lighting, entertainment and refrigeration. The system has an interactive screen on the smart DB box that indicates battery voltage, load output and panel input confirming the efficiency of the system at all times. The SS40 is tamper proof and has all the features of the SS20. The SS40 is supplied standard with a AC plug box, a 225-litre fridge/freezer combo and lighting.

  • SS40 Smart DB Box.
  • Plug box for TV/radio/DSTV/AC point.
  • 1 X AC Distribution box.
  • 800W AC supply inverter (pure sign wave).
  • 2 X Stainless steel battery boxes.
  • 3 X 150W Prime crystalline solar panel.
  • 2 X 230 AH Sealed solar batteries.
  • 8 X Interior lights (LED new generation).
  • 2 X External 54 LED spotlight
  • 10 X DC switches.
  • ES27 Fitting’s and lamp shades.
  • 6 x Roof /floor mount solar panel brackets.
  • 50m 0.75mm Cabtyre cable.
  • 1m – 6mm Red/black battery cable.
  • 20m – 4mm Solar panel cable.
  • 4 X 10A circuit fuses.
  • 12V DC Radio.
  • This unit is fridge ready.
  • Warranty and installation booklet.


All the SS40 DC microgrids are modular and expandable. The units have the ability for ‘top up’ upgrades such as accommodating further batteries and a total of 240 watts of solar panels, allowing a user to add further DC appliances as the need arises. The SS20 DC microgrids can also be designed to accommodate load specifications.


The SS40-300DC has the potential to accommodate the “ground-breaking “SSS Web-Based Management System.  The web system allows accurate and reliable remote management with user payments and total system control.

All the SS40 DC micro-grid product range has an optional extra that allows remote web-based system management. A ‘world first’, SSS-EPOWER is essentially an off-grid solar energy management utility that provides all the necessary tools for sustainable remote solar energy and client management. Some of the features include:

  • Remotely accessible centralised online management platform.
  • Macro and micro energy management portfolios.
  • Remote system switching – ON/WARNING/OFF.
  • Fully automatic monthly and Pay-as-You-Go debiting systems.
  • P.O.S. Vendor setup and funds management module for client payment management.
  • Detailed audit trail logging and historic data.