SS10 DC Micro-Grid Solar System

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The SS10 produced by Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is an entry level model off-grid solar DC micro-grid solar powered energy system and is designed using proven solar energy technologies.

The SS10 is a standalone unit that will efficiently and reliably supply renewable energy to provide adequate lighting for 3 rooms with cell phone charging. The SS10 has a USB output that supplies 12VDC solar electricity to charge cell phones and gadgets. The DC micro-grid comes with a universal USB cell phone charger kit and radio output.

SS10 Components (SS10DC)

  • 1 X Stainless steel tamper proof smart DB Box
  • Cell phone charger USB output, lighting outputs, radio output, internal 12VDC 12A/H battery, 10A controller, 10A fused
  • 1 X 12VDC Output socket
  • 1 X USB Output socket (for cell phone charging)
  • 1 X USB Universal cell phone charger adapter (multiple cell phone adapters)
  • 3 X 3W Interior lights (LED new generation)
  • 3 X E27 light fittings with light switches
  • 1 X 25W Prime crystalline solar panel
  • 20m X 0.75mm Cabtyre cable
  • 4m X 2.5mm Solar module cable
  • Optional radio is available


  • 1-year warranty on all components
  • 5-year warranty on solar panel
  • Support documentation (User manual, installation, warranty, support information) supplied with unit and upgrades