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DC Microgrid Off-Grid Installation Port Elizabeth

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS), Port Elizabeth branch did an installation of a DC microgrid in one of the local townships in the Port Elizabeth area.

Leoni Erasmus- Specialized Solar Systems, Port Elizabeth – was called by the customer with no grid electrification. They required an off-grid system that would supply enough lighting for her children to study effectively when it was dark as she wanted them to get better marks at school. Leoni promptly consulted with the client to ascertain their immediate requirements working within a reasonable budget with options to upgrade the system in the near future.

The client was pleased with the quote and after a few months of saving contacted Leoni with an eagerness to get the installation of the DC microgrid done as soon as possible.

The installation took less than 1 hour with inquisitive onlookers and neighbors extremely excited about the solar proceedings. They kept on remarking ” Hey! I want this solar thing!…”

Apart from this client being the ‘talk of the town’ the result of this installation is also an exceptionally satisfied customer who is already saving for additional DC items. Starting with a bigger battery so that SSS – approved DC appliances such as a TV or a fridge and more, can be used as replacements for traditional AC powered appliances. These also work more efficiently with the DC microgrid system.

The DC microgrid from Specialized Solar Systems is completely off-grid, easy to install and can be expanded upon as the users may require.


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