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Blouberg Rural Installation - North of Polokwane

Off Grid Blouberg Rural Installation - North of Polokwane, South Africa -  November 2012


Client: Solar Vision

Project: Off Grid Blouberg Rural Installation

Off grid units installed:  42 complete off grid electrical units with accessories

Off grid unit solar components supplied by SSS:

  • 5 X 80W Solar panels per unit
  • 235 A/H batteries
  • Large Stainless Steel battery box
  • AC DB box
  • DC  DB box - 40 AMP

Off grid unit solar electrical accessories supplied by SSS:

  • Lights
  • Cell phone charging
  • Security lights
  • 22 inch TVs
  • Hi Fi - DVD player + usb
  • Inverter 350W

Project completion time: 3 weeks


SSS(Specialized Solar Systems) project coordination at site: 5 days


Solar Home System's Management: Specialized Solar Systems SHS's Online Management System


Transporting the solar electrical components to the inaccessible remote rural community gallery No images found.


Installation of the solar units by Solar Vision in the remote rural community gallery


iShack Concept

Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) working in close collaboration with the Sustainability Institute's developed prototype system get's acknowledged globally

South African Settlement Welcomes the iShack - By EMMA BRYCE

One of the first sights greeting every tourist riding from the airport into Cape Town is a wall of corrugated iron and wood on either side of the highway. Before Table Mountain rises on the horizon in all its majesty, it’s the clusters of shacks that make an initial impression.

shack-blog480South Africa has several thousand informal settlements, many of them technically illegal, comprising well over a million dwellings. While these are a legacy of the country’s system of racial apartheid, the problem has only worsened since apartheid was dismantled, partly because of weak political will, many say. The government, led by the African National Congress, acknowledges that the demand for state-sponsored housing has outstripped supply. So efforts have shifted toward providing services in the settlements and upgrading existing shelters.

Enter the wryly named iShack, or improved shack, a prototype built by a group of South African researchers to help address the problem. The main goal of the design, which is malleable, is to equip informal homes with solar panels and energy-saving features that make them more livable. With a rooftop photovoltaic panel, shelters can generate enough electricity to power three lights, a cellphone charger and a motion-sensitive alarm. (Security is a pressing concern in the settlements.)


DSTV in an Informal Home

DSTV in an Informal Home

Sophia is a grandmother who has been living in an informal dwelling in the Gaaitjie settlement in Smutsville in Sedgefield, for almost 20 years.  Gaaitjie is located on an old dump-site and the Department of Water Affairs won't approve formalisation of the area because of concerns regarding sinkholes and potential methane gas release.  In the meantime, over 120 households in the settlement share 5 communal toilets and 2 taps.  Sophia used to run a generator for lighting and TV, but that became too expensive with the increases in the petrol price, and she had reverted to using candles and paraffin lamps for lighting, and doing without TV.


Still Bay Koch Off-grid Installation

Another Specialzed Solar Systems (SSS) off-grid solar powered system installation: 5kw/6kw system with 8x180w panels, 12x 600 A\H batteries, 60 amp MPPT.

Western Cape, Still Bay, South Africa

This installation was done just outside Still Bay in the Western Cape.

The installation is an off-grid 6kW system using a 5kW Victron inverter and 8 x 180Wp solar PV panels. The system also incorporated an old 3kVA Lister generator as back-up.

It took just 5 hours to install the system from start to finish using a 3-man team. The total cost was just over R80 000.

The house is a large 3-bedroom house with a variety of  pressure pumps. The client has no Eskom power on the farm.

For more info on how alternative energy can help you by saving money and the planet, or to build a system like this, please contact Anton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.