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Matatiele Eastern Cape

Matatiele Eastern Cape Training and Installation of the SS20 DC Microgrid

Training for,  and the installation of the Specialized Solar Systems off-grid SS20 DC Microgrid systems in the Eastern Cape for a concession holder. The purpose is to electrify and energise the rural villages in the Eastern Cape of South Africa that will most likely not have access to the national grid electricity in the foreseeable future.


The project has been hugely successful and with the help of SSS,  the concessionaire has installed over a 100 hundred off-grid DC microgrid systems to date with many more systems on order.


Borehole Pump Power in the Kalahari

Borehole Pump Power in the Kalahari

In The Central Kalahari, a cattle farmer with 300 head of cattle had an existing 3 phase/ 5.5 Kva borehole pump.

For this installation Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) opted to keep the existing pump due to the volume of water that was required daily and the depth of the Borehole which was 260m.

SSS designed and installed an off-grid 3 phase system with a variable speed drive controller, 10Kw panel array that included 40 x 250 watt solar panels.  20 of these solar panels were layed out in series and 2 strings,  paralleled out to give an open circuit voltage of 750 Volts.

On the same Farm SSS also installed the Lorentz PS600 surface pump with batteries and panels to fill the existing cattle troughs with water from the reservoir.


Botswana Post Office

Botswana Post Office Rural Electrification

Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) completed remote off-grid installations for the Botswana Post Office utilizing the standard 3Kva/6Kwh per day system. This off-grid system supplied the Botswana Post Office's with more then sufficient energy and also back up power in the areas where the Botswana national grid electricity is not available (for more info on these systems please refer to the pages in catalogue 'Energy Systems for Africa' off grid 3- 6 system).