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Twelve(12) unemployed Solar Engineers from Schmidtsdrift received training in solar panel installation who were selected by the community and the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. The Service Provider (Specialized Solar Systems) Mr. Carlos Smith, briefly summarises their training; "The students were trained in Solar Theory, the use of multi meters, diagnostics, maintenance and system design which was concluded in the first week." Solar-Engineers-installing-a-solar-panel-in-Schmidtsdrift

This week, they focused on practical installation and were installing solar panels, DB units, wiring homes for lights, security light-on motion sensors, cell phone charging, TV, radio, the capacity to handle more appliances as well as 'top-up' for solar fridges or freezers which concluded the training."

The solar panel training will assist the 12 unemployed as approximately 210 houses in the area have no electricity and is set to receive Solar Home Systems. The installations of solar panels to 210 houses are part of The Comprehensive Rural Development Programme spearheaded by the Department. One of the objectives of the CROP is to address the developmental backlogs and in particular the basic needs of all households in designated areas.

Solar panels form part of renewable energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat (naturally replenished).

Mr Samuel Kgatlhane attended the training and had this to say; "We have learned much about solar installation and this project will assist us greatly by putting something on the table as life is difficult when one is not working."


Source: Agriculture, land reform & rural development: NEWS BRIEF 26 April - 03 May 2013






Specialized Solar Systems continual commitment to addressing the energy crisis in Africa now offers you a complete solution to almost every energy requirement on the continent. sss-update260313

Energy Systems for Africa is a catalogue that includes a range of hand picked products mainly focusing on complete energy supply systems specially designed and thoroughly tested by the energy experts at Specialized Solar Systems(SSS).

It addresses the non availability, the rising demand and forever esculating costs of energy supply in Africa and gives the consumer choice and information on what systems are available for their specific needs.

These energy systems include:

  • Off -grid systems
  • Grid-Tie systems
  • Hybrid systems
  • DC systems

It also includes a wide range of solar powered water pumping solutions and commercial and domestic solar lighting.

The catalogue covers basic solar terminology and strives to educate people that there are indeed readily viable complete energy systems available in Africa.

All these systems can be ordered directly from SSS and delivered to almost any place in Africa with SSS's growing reach.

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Specialized Solar Systems - "Commitment through product innovation and constant testing".




Non Grid Electrification: Progress Report January 2013

This past year has brought us a step closer to the vision of impacting the un-electrified areas in South Africa and Africa. As a dedicated unit, our team has made remarkable strides in fulfilling every aspect of this vision. In some areas, we have reached a satisfactory level, however, certain areas still need more attention in the pursuit of an effective Off Grid Power Utility Model. However, a comprehensive solution is currently on the table addressing all the critical areas in order to support this - including a Web Based Management System, SIM Switching as well as income generation and service models that could serve as a platform to carry us forward into a successful 2013.


2012 Started of with another visit to the DOE Head Offices, resulting in an invitation to the Electrification Indaba held in Durban. This set the stage to focus development strategies to support the need to service un-electrified areas. This was reciprocated by a visit from the Non Grid Electrification Team at the DOE to our factory which helped in narrowing the focus for greater collaboration. Here are a few more highlights:

  • Nine design models with specific criteria were presented to the DOE early last year, on their request, as solutions for domestic homes, schools and clinics with no access to electricity.
  • A launch was done in Botswana and systems were deployed in homes and schools.
  • One of the present Concessionaires was assisted with product supply and assisted in the awarding of a Tender to electrify one of the most remote villages in South Africa. This project was successfully completed at the end of 2012, complete with TV’s and Hi-Fi’s.
  • The Sustainability Institute at the Stellenbosch University were assisted in their grant application to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The grant was approved and the installations will commence early this year.
  • We were invited again to do another presentation at the Domestic Use of Energy Conference in Cape Town. From this grew our involvement in support and design for specific project roll outs in the Western Cape.
  • Post COP17 meetings were conducted in Upington and Durban involving the local FET Colleges and SME’s highlighting their potential for localised involvement.





This job was done in Port Elizabeth, the Eastern Cape South Africa. The system is an off-grid 6kw per day system, incorporating a 3kw Victron inverter as well.


It was installed in a small room built onto building next to the garage. The panels were installed on a cement tile roof.

The system took 1 day to install and is currently running everything in the entire house.

For further information on how to get off the grid call SSS now on Tel: +27(0) 44 878 1126 or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.