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Development of Renewable Energy Market Structures for African Countries

Transfers of Skills & Establishment Program for the Development of Renewable Energy Market Structures for African Countries




1. The Renewable Energy African market comprises of the  following divisions:

DC Micro-Grid  Technology - LSM 1- 4 Markets with:

    • Rural electrification
    • Off-grid urban electrification

These two markets function with a central utility using the implementation as a social/economic driver. Different models exist in the world where Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is known to be a leader in this field. These models are at present being implemented for global access to these areas.


The following models can be discussed:

    • Rural South African(SA)Department of Energy
    • Sustainability Institute of Stellenbosch
    • EDF
    • BPC Lesedi
    • The Gates Foundation

Documents that are available for reference:

    • Energy Made Simple
    • A High-Tech Giant Awakening
    • Rural Electrification and Implementation Plan,firstly South Africa,  then the rest of Africa


Specialized Solar Systems has landed in Botswana. More information to follow shortly....



Matatiele Eastern Cape

Matatiele Eastern Cape Training and Installation of the SS20 DC Microgrid

Training for,  and the installation of the Specialized Solar Systems off-grid SS20 DC Microgrid systems in the Eastern Cape for a concession holder. The purpose is to electrify and energise the rural villages in the Eastern Cape of South Africa that will most likely not have access to the national grid electricity in the foreseeable future.


The project has been hugely successful and with the help of SSS,  the concessionaire has installed over a 100 hundred off-grid DC microgrid systems to date with many more systems on order.