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SSS providing powerful 70 kWH off-grid solar energy systems in South Sudan

With Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) extensive African network the company was recently tasked with provision and installations of powerful 70kWH off-grid solar energy systems for a popular cellular communications provider at 4 different locations in South Sudan, Africa. The solar powered off-grid energy systems are been installed at the following locations in South Sudan:

  • Aweil - a city in South Sudan in Bahr el ghazal Region.
  • Wau - a city in northwestern South Sudan, on the western bank of the Jur River, in Wau County.
  • Rumbek is the capital of Lakes State, central South Sudan, and the former capital of the country.
  • Torit is a City in the Eastern Equatoria State of South Sudan and is also the state capital. south_sudan_solar_

The powerful CSP off-grid solar systems have the capacity to produce 70kWH each of energy per day therefore supplying adequate energy from the sun for the daily electrical operations at the 4 plants. These alternative energy producing solar systems also feature comprehensive remote monitoring and elaborate system control.


UNEP - SSS Features as a Full Case Study

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is very proud with the achievements of it's off-grid DC micro-grid solar, services and application been featured as a full business case study for eco-innovation by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Business Case for Eco-innovation (souce) demonstrates the compelling case for eco-innovation to a business audience. It includes information on growing market trends and real examples from small to large companies worldwide that have embedded sustainability throughout their operations and value chain.

The publication illustrates the considerable business benefits achieved by companies that have applied eco-innovation. These benefits include: increased market access, value creation and business growth (eco-innovative companies showcase average annual growth rate of 15% even when respective markets are flat). The publication builds on five key business drivers for eco-innovation:

Read more about these drivers, the company examples and relevant trends - download a copy of The Business Case For Eco-innovation

The Business Case For Eco-innovation, funded by the European Commission, is a key milestone in the co-operation between UNEP and the Directorate General for the Environment of the European Commission to disseminate eco-innovative practices in emerging and developing economies. 



SSS invited to India to show products & management systems

Blessed with an abundance of sunshine, India has accelerated its solar-power plan since the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who oversaw one of the country's most successful solar programs in the western state of Gujarat.

Specialized Solar Systems the company with a vision of ‘Lighting up Africa with renewable energy by empowering the previously disadvantaged and impoverished ‘ was recently invited to India to develop a market penetration strategy for the Indian solar market which primarily would focus on developing a strategy for implementation of their product range for the domestic and rural non-electrified markets in India. To further reduce costs and drive efficiency in its potential Indian operations Specialized Solar Systems is also studying the feasibility of a shared service concept similar to that which has been successfully implemented in numerous governmental and NGO projects in South Africa.


Carlos Smith from Specialized Solar Systems was recently in India and demonstrated the practical uses and possibilities of the SS20 modular DC micro-grid Smart Box and other solar powered products. The SS20 generates enough power to provide adequate lighting, refrigeration, cell phone charging and entertainment for its uses. The SS20 DC micro grid like all Specialized Solar Systems DC Micro-grid products, is also available with a comprehensive multi-user remote system management web based platform - SSS-EPOWER - which provides a central access point for easy system allocation, data and payment recordings, end users invoicing, remote system status changes and further accurate administration which ensures sustainable energy business practices for areas of DC micro-grid installations.


Specialized Solar Systems Zimbabwe

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) will be offering their entire specialized solar energy product range in Zimbabwe from September 2014.



By developing and constantly improving leading solar technologies,  Specialized Solar Systems aims to establish the necessary infrastructure and also provides the technical know-how and training needed for off-grid energy hubs which, in turn, supply electrification to where it’s needed the most such as in:

  • Households
  • Clinics
  • Schools
  • Commercial nodes

 SSS is committed to educating the Zimbabwe locals that there are affordable and viable renewable energy systems and shall be offering energy systems such as:

  • Off -grid systems
  • Grid-Tie systems
  • Hybrid systems
  • DC systems

SSS's product range also includes a selection of proven solar powered water pumping solutions and superior energy efficient commercial and domestic solar DC and AC lighting and many more products.

Contact SSS Zimbabwe now at:

4375 unit D Seke Chitungwiza.
P.O.Box CZA020
cell (Zim) +263 71 677 5658
cell (SA)  +27  73 305 3794

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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