PS4000 Borehole Solar Pump Matjiesfontein South Africa

This off-grid water pumping unit was built with ground mount frames that contain 21 x 300w solar panels to supply energy to a PS4000 borehole pump.

The solar driven borehole pump supplies 15 cubic meters of borehole water per hour for powering 10 water sprinklers in a nearby vegetable field. The project took only 2 days to install and commission.


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Development of Renewable Energy Market Structures for African Countries

Transfers of Skills & Establishment Program for the Development of Renewable Energy Market Structures for African Countries




1. The Renewable Energy African market comprises of the  following divisions:

DC Micro-Grid  Technology - LSM 1- 4 Markets with:

    • Rural electrification
    • Off-grid urban electrification

These two markets function with a central utility using the implementation as a social/economic driver. Different models exist in the world where Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is known to be a leader in this field. These models are at present being implemented for global access to these areas.


The following models can be discussed:

    • Rural South African(SA)Department of Energy
    • Sustainability Institute of Stellenbosch
    • EDF
    • BPC Lesedi
    • The Gates Foundation

Documents that are available for reference:

    • Energy Made Simple
    • A High-Tech Giant Awakening
    • Rural Electrification and Implementation Plan,firstly South Africa,  then the rest of Africa


Specialized Solar Systems has landed in Botswana. More information to follow shortly....