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George Installation Solar Powered BackUp System

Grid-support solar power installation in George, Western Cape, South Africa by by Specialized Solar Systems..

4 x 250watt solar panels, with 3kw 24v Victron Inverter/Charger and a Trojan 225 amp Lead acid battery bank for daily solar usage, further savings on electrical bills and solar powered back-up electricity for when Eskom/grid power in South Africa inevitability fails.


George Intstallation - Primary Solar with Eskom Standby

Primary off-grid solar powered off-grid system with Eskom/grid as standby/backup support.

The system has an average solar usage of 99.9% and was recently installed in George, Western Cape, South Africa by Specialized Solar Systems.

Using solar power that has been generated as primary and Eskom power as secondary, the essentially off-grid system ensures large savings on monthly Eskom bills.

The renewable energy producing system consists of a standby battery banks that ensures that solar power is available day and night, no matter what the situation with Eskom's availability and supply is. The system also utilizes the Victron Color Control GX unit to allow online monitoring of the off-grid solar system.


Parliament lauds solar project that lit up township


The solar technologies supplied by Specialized Solar Systems for the Kheis Project include:

  • Smart solar energy producing DC micro-grids with remote managed hardware - SS20DC75 Managed.
  • Efficient DC appliances powered by the DC micro-grid systems.
  • Online Off-Grid Energy Management Utility with remote switching, payment facilitation, vendor management, solar system and end-user management services - SSS-EPOWER.
  • Product/service support.

Kheis - A New Dawn - Video: Energy producing DC micro-grids are making a significant difference in many lives by supplying DC energy at the installed location to efficient DC powered appliances such as lights, television, cell phone charging, radios and more.

Using DC (direct current) technologies, rather than the more traditional AC (alternating current) ones, Specialized Solar Systems has been able to develop off-grid solar systems that are easy to install,  safe to use in shacks (no open flames), made to the highest safety design specifications and are remotely manageable.

And because they are modular systems, they offer an incredible degree of design flexibility and threshold settings that can be adapted to the needs of any home or dwelling, or even any large-scale project such as the Kheis Project where Specialized Solar Systems is supplying DC micro-grid systems to the Kheis Municipality in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

The project aims to supply managed renewable energy and become a benchmark for the supply of basic human energy requirements that the rest of the world could follow.

The installed solar powered DC micro-grid systems are soft-managed by a web-based management platform, SSS-EPOWER  that was developed by Specialized Solar Systems for large-scale remotely manageable de-centralized solar energy supply.

The SSS20 dc micro-grid off-grid system used in the Kheis Project after a simple upgrade could further supply needed refrigeration.


A single mum, a single dad and a solar system.

A single mum, a single dad and a solar system.

May 9, 2015

Article from Simplicity & the fourth life

In a rural village on the Wild Coast of South Africa we installed a small PV system for No-size (No-si-zey), a single mum with a family of thirteen. Her late husband was a miner who passed away several years ago and since his death her only source of income came from government allowances totalling R800 a month (AUD $85). The lighting came from candles, her family going through two packs each month.

Where did the PV system come from?

When we were in George we met with a company called Specialized Solar Systems who are committed to lighting up Africa with solar energy. They have a soft spot for single mothers with low income and generously donated two PV systems for us to install along our travels. This is the first SSS installation.

Where is the installation?

In Mtyubeni village with a population of approx. 600, which is a 45 minutes drive from Coffee Bay. We chanced upon it by staying at Mdumbi Backpackers, who a) pointed us to the direction of the local energy co-operative and b) were really helpful with advice on community involvement – which isn’t a surprise as the key founder grew up here!

Visitors who have been there might be surprised to hear that the village is un-electrified since there are power lines running overhead. We were told that only a handful of people in the Mankosi community, consisting of 10 villages, are connected to the grid and all those people are, er, white. Yes, white people told us that. No-size’s village had no electricity, not even solar so she was the first to use electric lights.