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Sub-centralized solar energy power station complete

The second and final stage of the first Jabula sub-centralized off grid solar energy power station is now complete. This stage included six additional houses that were completely retrofitted for the supply of much-needed electrical energy. Our CEO,  Jonathan Hodgson was personally on site to assist with the challenge of laying the overhead DC cabling to each house and the complexities due to the informal building site layout and structures  - all done using poles and wired from the source installed street light (1).  

The installation was done on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa in a suburb called Jabula where grid power(Eskom) is not available and the locals have been waiting for up to 30 years for electricity. It consists of a sub-centralized solar energy station which is a remotely managed off-grid solar energy system that produces renewable energy at a central point that then feeds out to the surrounding households in the area.

off grid subcentralised Jabulane 17082016 - Jabula households (1-7) that are now supplied with renewable energy via a managed sub centralised off grid solar energy station (1) -

All installed units are automatically managed using Specialized Solar Systems utility-based solar energy management online framework, SSS-EPOWER. The households are billed for energy usage with Pay as you Go billing bundles and users have the convenience of paying for energy usage at their nearest local general dealer almost at the location.

Some of the key features of Specialized Solar Systems integrated solar energy management solution used for managing the project:

  •     Solar system management with remote switching.
  •     User administration and management.
  •     A variety of automated billing options.
  •     Vendor payment facilitation and management.
  •     Stock control with system logistics.
  •     Advance security features.
  •     End-user interaction.
  •     Detailed reporting and systems overview.
  •     Audit trail system and user logging.

 Video from the first stage of the sub-centralized solar installation done in Jabula, Cape Town, South Africa

At Specialized Solar Systems we are only in the beginning stages of an incredible journey – both humbling and exciting – to bring sustainable, renewable, affordable, off-grid solar energy into the estimated 600 million non-electrified homes in Africa [source: World Bank]: fast-tracking job creation, infrastructure, communication, water purification, education, entertainment, possibilities,  hope …and a better standard of living for all.

For more information about the sub-centralized energy systems please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(2016) Residential solar - A viable energy solution

A recent off-grid installation completed by the Specialized Solar Systems team in The Crags near Plettenberg Bay and Nature's Valley in The Garden Route, South Africa.

Our client, Dr Charlotte Luck was considering renewable energy options as the quote to get grid-power(Eskom) to her new house would have been approximately the same as a complete off-grid solar energy system. 


Botswana - 165 KWh - 30 KWp, Off-grid solar energy installation completed

Another large off-grid solar energy installation completed by the renewable energy experts at SPECIALIZED SOLAR SYSTEMS for a client living completely off the grid on a small holding located Botswana. 120 solar panels and 72 batteries are just some of the components used for the off-grid solar powered system designed by SPECIALIZED SOLAR SYSTEMS to supply renewable energy with a daily average of 165kWhrs solar yield. The batteries have the capacity in storage to reach a DOD (depth of discharge) of 25% after 60 kWhrs, of usage without a charge, maintaining system efficiency and lifespan,  and the solar system incorporates generator support for extended periods of bad weather or higher than normal electrical loads.

An Off-the-grid energy system is an energy producing system that is primarily designed to help people function without the support of a remote infrastructure, such as an electrical grid.  In electricity, off-grid can be a stand-alone power system or mini-grids typically to provide electrical energy. Off-grid electrification is an approach to access electricity used in countries and areas with little access or no access to electricity, due to scattered or distant population or lack of grid infrastructure or cost factors. The term off-the-grid (OTG) can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. People who adopt this lifestyle are generally known as off-gridders.

Video taken during the installation of the solar panel arrays before the vegetation surrounding them was cut down to maximise solar energy generation. 


For more information on how you can get off the grid with solar energy please contact us at 27(044)878-1126 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if in Botswana, please contact our Botswana distributor in Gaborone :


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Jabula sub-centralized solar energy power station Stage 1

A world first.  Specialized Solar Systems completed its first installation of a sub-centralized solar energy power station in conjunction with an innovative client in Cape Town, Zonke Energy.  

 Video about the sub-centralized solar installation done in Jabula, Cape Town, South Africa

The installation was done on the outskirts of Cape town in the suburb called Jabula where grid-power is not available. It consisted of a sub-centralized solar energy station which is a central-based solar energy producing unit that will further supply remotely managed DC solar energy from a central point that will then branch out to further 9-11 house-holds.