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Nakalakgama Field Day - Botswana

Nakalakgama Field Day - Botswana

Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) attended the Nakalakgama Field Day in Botswana and gave the local Sandveltd farmers complete assurance that there is solar powered DC powered systems that can perform the same and in most cases outperform traditional electrification grid powered AC equipment.

SSS demonstrated the efficiency and practical uses of a wide variety of fresh solar technology products that SSS has researched and developed. The focal feature was the use of DC microgrids to power a whole range of products that can be utilised for complete energisation systems in remote areas that don’t have grid support and are primarily off grid. The DC microgrid also has capacity to plug into grid support if needed. These products can generate complete energy for a households - cost effectively.


Visit to Botswana


Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) recently sent a two-man team on a highly successful and productive visit to Botswana: SSS’s General Manager and visionary, Jonathan Hodgson and his assistant Okkie van Zyl.


Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House takes a journey to develop rural electrification with DC Microgrid solar technology

HRH, Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House, a descendent of Prince Shingana KaMpande, undertakes a journey to develop rural communities through DC Microgrid solar electrification.

Immersed by ordinary people's concerns in the rural areas and searching for ways to improve their life circumstances, Prince Africa has become passionate about affordable, renewable, sustainable energy - a means which he firmly believes can fast-track his nation's way towards a better, brighter future.

For with energy comes development, the creation of jobs, infra-structure, schools, clinics, water sanitation and access to a whole range of appliances that can make the lives of his people easier, more enriched and more enlightened.


(2010) African Game Lodge Off-Grid Installation



Gavin Hobson(SSS)gives a quick walkthrough of the installed system at African Game Lodge

African Game Lodge, having no grid-support made use of SSS (Specialized Solar Systems) off-grid energy consultants to advise on energisation efficiency and some practical sustainable solutions for this large animal release rehabilitation centre that required off-grid electrification for their main lodge, kitchens, guests cottages, restaurant, reception area, etc.

SSS  installed and upgraded all the energy systems for the entire complex and currently these systems have proven to be hassle-free and completely self-sufficient.