A world first, Specialized Solar Systems completed the installation of a sub-centralized solar energy power station in conjunction with an innovative client in Cape Town, Zonke Energy.  The installation was done on the outskirts of Cape Town in a suburb called Jabula where grid power is not available. It consists of a sub-centralized solar energy unit which is a solar energy producing station that supply’s remotely managed DC solar energy from a central point that will branch out to supply much needed solar energy to a further 9-11 house-holds.

Specialized Solar Systems utility-based solar management integrated solution will supply all the necessary tools in an easy to use, tiered-user, on-line framework for sustainable and remotely managed energy supply for the project. The integrated solution is used extensively in many off-grid solar electrification projects where remote system management and ground management rely on the real-time data with automated client billing, switching and comprehensive system management.


9kWh per Day Complete System

The 9kWh per Day Complete System has the capacity to deliver an average of 9kWh/Day with 3kW Peak.
It includes the following items:

  • Solar Panel array for house.
  • Batteries
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking system (MPPT)
  • Battery Monitor
  • Inverter/charger
  • Auto start Generator

Price Excludes:
Travel R3.50 per KM, Labour R220 P/H, Consumables, cabling and panel frames

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