15 kVA/ 9 kWp 3- Phase Off-grid with backup generator solar system installation

Solar installation completed for Sausage Tree Camp 5 Star Safari Lodge Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, Africa.

Recently Specialized Solar Systems completed installation at the Sausage Tree Camp which is a 5 Star Safari Lodge in the Lower Zambezi National Park The system has been designed to support 46Kwh per day usage main usage daytime with a night time usage of 14 kWh.



 The peak capacity of the off-grid solar system is 15 kVA 3 phase and includes the following solar hardware.

  • 9 kWp of solar panels on ground mount frames
  • 3 x 5 kVA (15 kVA) Victron Multiplus Inverters
  • 36 x 250 Watt Solar Panels 9 kWP
  • 3 x 85 amp Victron MPPTs
  • 1 x Freedom Won Lithium Iron 20/14 Battery

The system is backed up by a generator and by utilising the lithium iron phosphate Battery the generator run time to recharge the system is less than half the time it would have to run to recharge standard Lead acid batteries.

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