A 3kW AC solar water pump system was recently installed in Prince Albert.

The 3kW borehole (submersible) solar water pump is powered by a 4kW VSD (variable speed drive) system delivering variable AC power from 5 565 Watts array of PV solar modules.

 Images of the 3kW borehole (submersible) solar water pump installation

Solar water pumping systems are a modern and proven means of pumping water in locations where access to grid power is not available, or where the grid is not reliable or economical (expensive). These systems use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity to power pumps which can be used to pump groundwater or surface water.

Can allow water pumping in remote locations or where grid power is unreliable – anywhere the sun shines
Powered by clean, renewable energy
Pumping availability increases in summer when water requirement is usually greater
Very low operating costs – does not require fuel, requires only minimal service and maintenance, and is virtually free to operate
Equipment is relatively portable and can be easily moved to meet seasonal or variable location needs

Potentially high capital costs
Electrical output will be limited by daylight hours and bad weather. Water storage and battery back up may be required

Each solar water pumping system is unique. Getting the most benefit from a system requires research and design before the first PV module and pump is purchased and installed.

Please contact the solar water pumping experts at Specialized Solar Systems who will be able to assit you.

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