How green is your valley?

Everybody would like to save on their electrical bill! In our business, which is the supply of Alternative Energy, we receive countless compliments and enthusiastic praises from people that see our solar street lights for the first time! They realize here is a homegrown, made in South Africa, fully independent light that does not need a cable. Nobody even has to dig a trench to lay the cables, neither is there a need for extra transformers that need to bear the extra load. No electrician has to come out and map out the countless spaghetti of wires into a DB board specially designed for the magnitude of streetlights. And most of all no accountant has to budget for the extra increase the lights will produce on the constantly rising electrical bill! They are self sufficient and powered by the free energy we get from the sun! Wunderbar!

We all live in this hi-tech age where we watch our TV’s and see man walking in space, satellites beam up the world cup from across the globe, and we jabber on our cell phones from inside airplanes! Technology is good if it comes quick and easy, we say. So why have so few people got solar geysers on their roof heating their water? Or why are we still stuck with those old fashioned lights in the bedroom?

Although we applaud the advance of technology, we are slow to make changes where it involves a personal sacrifice, or the difficult process of working out a solution that involves a degree of experimentation.  Some of us would rather keep on paying more every year that face the uncertainty of new territory, and the discomfort that involves.
The good news is that we have been there, broken the ice, and paved a way for most of our clients to follow us with a greater level of comfort and security. We have mapped the unchartered waters of electrical independence into 4 distinct and obtainable areas that are easy to obtain, measurable, and exciting to reach because you will see many more pilgrims on this road, that are contributing to our website and sharing their experiences as they progress. We have seen people in every one of the  4 stages, some with lots of baggage and some with little. Some have magnificent  villa’s overlooking the ocean horizon, while others live in a shack in a high density sub economic settlement. Both however share the common ground of being on stage 4 and no longer have the worry of an Eskom account! They have earned their stripes and have crossed the line to a place of living within the confines of alternative energy provision. For some this means the TV can only be on for 4 hours a night, for others it is simply a matter for checking the digital battery monitor in the sure bliss that everything is ok.     



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