1. You cannot save what you don’t control. Install a Metering and Verification unit on to your Demand System (DB Board) and meter your usage (Starting cost for these units are as little as R650)

2. Ascertain the High demand usage and concentrate on reducing them first. List them in the correct order:

Residential House:

  • Geyser
  • Swimming Pool
  • Under-floor Heating
  • Appliances
  • Lights
  • Other

Try to deal with each one individually

3. Weigh up your options first before making changes

  • Solar Geyser – which one and why
  • Timers, VSP controls
  • Auto Gateway Control Function
  • Lighting options

4. See if you can get any advantage from National Rebate systems by implementing Energy Saving methods. (They will have to Meter and Verify your power usage first)

5. Do not buy new Appliances before checking what wattage it uses

6. See this as a process and monitor your usage over time – confirming your usage as you reduce your demand

7. Understanding how much you are paying for your Electricity, normal per 1000W,  KWH or Units. Once you understand this, you can look at Alternative Energy

8. Get a design for your needs, confirm Backup, Supplemented power, or Off-Grid solution option



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