Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) recently sent a two-man team on a highly successful and productive visit to Botswana: SSS’s General Manager and visionary, Jonathan Hodgson and his assistant Okkie van Zyl. While in Botswana, the duo was able to meet up with major role players in the alternative energy field and forerunners of the local energy associations. They provided in-depth training on DC Maxi-Grid systems and also held an enlightening exhibition at Botwana’s Centre for Technology in Gaborone.

The team was very enthusiastic about the positive response they had received at every turn and are pleased to announce the formation of a Botswana Division of SSS, known as EASY (Energy Alternatives Supplied to You).

Some images from the trip to Botswana.

The new EASY Division will be based in Gaborone and act as an umbrella organisation for the various corporations working together to provide affordable, renewable, alternative energy systems for southern Africa and beyond. [Read company profile]



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