Nakalakgama Field Day - Botswana

Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) attended the Nakalakgama Field Day in Botswana and gave the local Sandveltd farmers complete assurance that there is solar powered DC powered systems that can perform the same and in most cases outperform traditional electrification grid powered AC equipment.

SSS demonstrated the efficiency and practical uses of a wide variety of fresh solar technology products that SSS has researched and developed. The focal feature was the use of DC microgrids to power a whole range of products that can be utilised for complete energisation systems in remote areas that don’t have grid support and are primarily off grid. The DC microgrid also has capacity to plug into grid support if needed. These products can generate complete energy for a households - cost effectively.

Hands on demonstrations also included:

  • A complete range of pressure, submersible, Section 3 and transfer water pumps that function directly from solar power. These pumps can be used from sanitation to high pressure borehole water pumping and don’t require any traditional infrastructure.
  • A whole range of economical solar lighting systems that can bring change to lives where the Botswana Power Company is failing.
  • A complete range DC household products including microwaves, fridges, TVs, DSTV etc.

The response to this field trip has been overwhelming with farmers astonished at the technology. The Botswana Meat Corporation complimented SSS on the professional presentations, the calming confidence in solar technologies that they instilled and the endless possibilities that these solar technologies offer the locals. They also praised SSS for changing participants beliefs and confirming - that solar does indeed work.

A major outcome of the Nakalakgama Field Day trip was the establishment of confidence in the SSS brand amongst the Botswana people. SSS has also been invited to attend the National Field Day in Gantsi, Botswana.

The grid electricity system in Botswana, like all African countries have failed the people and the majority has little option for energisation apart from wood and paraffin. SSS can balance this inadequacy with DC Microgrid prepaid systems and currently are pursuing a National Roll-out plan on how to achieve this.

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