Our mission at Specialized Solar Systems is to utilise solar energy as the ‘enabling technology’ to address the specific needs of remote and poor non-electrified communities, training and equipping communities to micro-manage, design and install their own energisation processes.

We aim to bolster policy development to facilitate the rapid expansion of renewable energies in developing, rural economies in South Africa, using a variety of dedicated stakeholders.  Through our work, we partner with businesses, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations, industry associations and more, in order to expand the availability of energy on a national level to include rural areas. In so doing, our goal is to bring about social and economic upliftment to rural areas.

Essentially, we want to achieve the sustainable electrification of rural communities by:

  • Empowering rural communities with training on energisation, electrification and sanitation.
  • Equipping rural communities with their own microgrids.
  • Helping develop sustainable micro-economies within these communities.
  • Ensuring the integrity, transparency and accountability of these projects. We hope this will encourage contributions to them.
  • Providing basic sanitation and water supplies.
  • Implementing the basic infrastructure for communication networks and other technologies in rural areas.


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