DC Multi Microgrid

DC Multi Microgrid

Multi DC grid system is a step up from the Mini DC grid system. It has the capacity to energize larger requirements.

The Multigrid System comes standard with:

  • 3 lights
  • Complete cabling
  • Pull switches
  • 1 Security light with motion sensor
  • Cell phone charging outlet
  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Panel bracket
  • Control Box with battery and external battery input
  • Fused DB Box
  • Lug screws and lugs
  • Ready for installation

Optional Extras:

  • FM/MW Radio
  • TV(Flat screen colour LED 16 inch)
  • DVD player
  • DSTV satellite receiver
  • Extra lights
  • Metering Control
  • Input limit on this is 20A at 12V

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