With over 700 DC micro-grids installed by the iShack Project,  Specialized Solar Systems together with Defy and the The Sustainability Institute Innovation Lab are piloting the use of solar powered fridge and freezers as a viable appliance at Enkanini informal settlement in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The current dc micro-grid off-grid system, the SS20,  used in the iShack Project after a simple upgrade has the ability to further supply much needed refrigeration. The solar refrigeration unit (SSS Green Line solar refrigeration) used is from SSS's existing range of solar powered DC refrigeration.

 "The most exciting news is that we are piloting solar fridges. With extra power generation and storage capacity, clients will be able to run this appliance using their existing installed solar home system.

On Monday evening, we had a Lucky Draw where two clients won a brand new solar fridge (+ freezer) and 12 months of free electricity to power it. The winners will work closely with us over the next few months to help us understand the performance of the appliance. Will the fridges work consistently without cutting out? What will the user usage patterns be? Are neighbours willing to “chip-in” and buy a fridge to share? We are looking to get some answers to these questions before offering fridges to our wider client base.

About 250 people came to watch the Lucky Draw. It was a festive mood as we handed out an additional 15 Sony Radios to our clients that have their accounts up to date. Enjoy the pictures.

(source: Facebook- iShack Project)


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