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Beyond the Moon goes green.

Beyond the Moon, a piece of heaven nestling in the foothills of the neatly-brushed, lush green Outeniqua Mountains, had a sub-centralized off-grid solar generation unit installed, lighting up their pathways and areas onthe guest farm.

The Sub-Centralized solar unit has many features:

  • Each energy unit can be remotely managed.
  • Each unit has monitoring functionality for the correct management of energy supply and product protection.
  • Engineered for safety and system longevity.
  • Service and maintenance agreement available with utility formation software.
  • Monitoring function available via data or SD storage device.

The Sub-Centralized solar unit has many applications:

  • Power rural domestic homes: between 10-30 houses with DC energy supply.
  • Street light energy supply unit: 10-25 SSS Street lights can be powered per unit.
  • Commercial use: smaller factories or producing plants.

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