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Solar Power in Industrial Quantities

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Solar Power in Industrial Quantities

Electronics company Bosco Printed Circuits, who are located in Johannesburg, were used to seeing production come to a halt on their shop floor as often as twice a week – caused by power cuts. Sometimes the outages were scheduled, sometimes they just happened. Every time there was an unexpected power outage the electroplating machines would freeze half way through a job, and all materials would have to be scrapped. It was time to act…

Bosco Printed Circuits was established over 60 years ago and had learned to minimize their losses – but delayed delivery times, and reputational damage was much more of an issue. Company Director Philip Verheul began to wonder if it was possible to meet the significant electricity demands from his factory, and offices using battery-stored energy and called in the expertise of Specialized Solar Systems.

Because local energy prices increase by a factor of 3 or 4 during peak periods, money could be saved by using stored electricity during peak periods, and taking power from the grid – if needed – overnight.

I say ‘if needed’ – Bosco decided to ‘go green’ and generate their own solar energy. As a result, they installed a total of 300kWp Solar Panels …which is quite a lot.

All that solar power needs to be stored in a battery bank with huge capacity …batteries which are capable of being cycled day-in, day out, for years. For this, he chose Redflow’s zinc bromine flow batteries. Each battery has a capacity of 10kWh; Bosco uses 14 of them. Redflow batteries can be worked hard every day without loss of capacity – even more reassuring for Bosco is the fact that this duty cycle is guaranteed, for ten years.

To meet the 230VAC power demands of office and shop floor, ultra-reliable high-output inverters would be required. They would also need to work seamlessly with zinc-bromine battery technology. Six Victron Quattro’s – 48V/10kVA – work in parallel to deliver the power required. Not only do they have invisible switching times when there is a power outage, but their unique Power Assist function will meet huge peak-power demands when electricity from the grid (or from a generator) cannot cope. They do this by adding the power stored in the battery to the current AC source.

Finally, a Victron CCGX acts as the communication gateway – through it, automatic switches can be programmed, and the whole installation can be remotely monitored and tweaked to ensure Bosco’s power plant is always running at its optimum performance.

Philip Verheul has been really pleased with the results of his decision. His system is programmed to take advantage of off-peak electricity and utilize the power of the sun. Power outages no longer cause downtime – helping to keep to a busy schedule – and Bosco’s reputation for innovation and sustainability is enhanced.

200kVA Grid-tied Solar – Tembalethu Square Shopping Mall George Installation

200kVA Grid-tied Solar/1 MegaWatt – Tembalethu Square Shopping Mall George installation generate an average 1 megawatt of daily renewable energy

Thembalethu Square shopping mall is taking the lead for businesses in The Garden Route and South Africa by actively going green with the installation of 200kVA grid-tied solar energy system that will generate an average 1 megawatt of daily renewable energy.

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19.5 kWp 30kVA 87kWhrs Off-grid solar system installation in George

19.5 kWp 30kVA 87kWhrs Off-grid solar system installation in George

Specialized Solar Systems’ commercial installation team did a 30kVA 87kWhrs per day off-grid solar installation on a newly constructed commercial building in George, Western Cape. The off grid solar power system was also designed and supplied by Specialized Solar Systems commercial solar team.

The 19.5 kWp 30kVA 87kWhrs Off-grid solar system installation consisted of the following hardware components and related information:

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25kWp Grid-tied solar system installation - roof panels

25kWp 3-Phase Grid-Tie Solar System Installation – Leading Edge

25kWp 3-Phase Grid Tie Solar System Stellenbosch Installation for Leading Edge

Specialized Solar Systems commercial team installed a 3-phase grid tie solar powered system for a local business, Leading Edge in Stellenbosch, Western Cape South Africa. It is a direct rooftop Grid-tie solar powered system and is approved for feedback by Stellenbosch Municipality.

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solar powered streetlight installation

80 x Solar powered street lights installation at the Steelpoort Bauba mining community

80 x Solar-powered street lights installation at the Steelpoort Bauba mining community.

The Bauba mining community’s solar-powered street lights are being used for much-needed night lighting, added security and to light up the local school.

The solar-powered street light installation took place over a 2-week period and in keeping to Specialized Solar Systems mandate, made use of local community members for the installation.  Training included basic solar power operations and correct solar power installation procedures.  The community members will also be involved in general system maintenance and reporting

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The mobile Solar Sentry Trailer helps power the Greenpop Eden Festival of Action this year

Specialized Solar Systems is sponsoring a Solar Sentry Trailer to help power the Greenpop Eden Festival of Action 2018 with renewable solar energy.

Keeping to the green theme, Specialized Solar Systems is very pleased to sponsor one of our rugged and very mobile solar power station solutions, the Solar Sentry Trailer.  The mobile Solar Sentry Trailer will be used to help power the festival with clean and abundant sunshine energy.

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De Oude Muragie 3 phase 129kWh/day Hybrid Solar System

De Oude Muragie 3 phase 129kWh/day Hybrid Solar System, supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems’s commercial team.

De Oude Muragie with it’s quaint Cape Dutch buildings and pergolas covered by ornamental vines, has a charming country feel in the centre of the busling suburb of Magalieskruin in Pretoria and has gone solar with Specialized Solar Systems.

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101 kWp Grid-Tied Solar Power System -Geelhoutboom

101 kWp Grid-Tied Solar Power System -Geelhoutboom

Specialized Solar Systems installation team busy with the installation of a large 101 kWp Grid-Tied solar power system that will supplement the energy usage for the new upgraded blue berry pack house for the Highfields Blue Berry Pack House just a few kilometers outside George, The Garden Route South Africa

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