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80 x Solar powered street lights installation at the Steelpoort Bauba mining community

solar powered streetlight installation

80 x Solar-powered street lights installation at the Steelpoort Bauba mining community.

The Bauba mining community’s solar-powered street lights are being used for much-needed night lighting, added security and to light up the local school.

The solar-powered street light installation took place over a 2-week period and in keeping to Specialized Solar Systems mandate, made use of local community members for the installation.  Training included basic solar power operations and correct solar power installation procedures.  The community members will also be involved in general system maintenance and reporting

Solar-powered street lights installation details:

  • Installation type: Off-grid solar power used to power 80 Street lights. Using 4 X Solar Power Stations. Each solar power station supplying energy to 20 Genesis DC powered Street lights, totaling 80.
  • Location: Steelpoort Bauba mining community. A quaint mining town in Sekhukhune District Municipality in the Limpopo province of South Africa.
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Solar Power System Design and Supplier: Specialized Solar Systems
  • Installation oversee: Cecmar – Corrie Vorster Tel: +27(0)83 289 8896
power station installation
Above image:  A DC solar power station being set up. The unit is used to power 20 streetlights.

The solar-powered equipment used for the installation is made up of 4 sub-centralized photovoltaic-based solar power stations. These solar stations form part of Specialized Solar Systems Smart DC Grid Technolgy.  Each solar power station has 20 high powered and super-efficient Specialized Solar Systems proprietary Genesis DC street lighting devices connected. Each solar power station has a daily solar yield generating an average of 3.5 kW hours.  The hardware framework includes advance remote system monitoring and automated day/night switching.

streetlight effect at night
Above image: The effect of the solar powered lighting installation at the local school

This type of off-grid streetlighting installation is hassle-free once setup and makes use of low-cost lead-acid batteries for solar energy solar storage which generally requires battery replacement every 2-3 years.

Below images: Bauba mining community solar-powered streetlights installation

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