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About Specialized Solar Systems


Specialized Solar Systems is involved in electrical engineering design, installation, automation, and energy supply. Our aim is to provide complete renewable energy solutions for the future specializing in the application of direct current (DC) systems.

We research, pioneer and manufacture off-grid and grid-support microgrid technology and also provide comprehensive PV solar systems.
Specialized Solar Systems is primarily focused on creating complete value-driven renewable energy solutions. These solutions protect and enhance the environment and they also empower rural communities by reaching them where traditional alternating current(AC) infrastructure has failed, and high costs make it non-viable. Our products cover a range of energy solutions from domestic to industrial systems.

Solar power most certainly remains the most secure source of energy now and for the future. By enabling clean, renewable electricity at competitive prices, Specialized Solar Systems provides many solutions for economically, environmentally and sustainable alternatives to the conventional fossil-fuel electricity generation process.

Specialized Solar Systems is a South African company that specializes in the manufacturing and designing of solar energy grids that use Direct Current (DC) power, as a renewable, sustainable and efficient energy source. We are involved in training individuals and are committed to improving access to sustainable solar energy through partnerships with government departments, local and foreign donors, the private sector, NGOs and other national agencies.

We specialize in complete off-grid electrification with optional backup solutions. Rural communities in South Africa and other African countries have little chance of being connected to an electricity grid, but our off-grid solar projects allow for an effective and reliable energy supply, that meet safety and design regulations. We are based in South Africa and have projects in the DRC, Mozambique, and Zambia, and through our partnerships, we are able to provide energy to isolated rural communities.

We use DC microgrid technology to provide the following:

Electrification such as lighting, entertainment, and refrigeration
Communication technologies such as computer and internet access and GSM systems
Water and sanitation in the form of toilets, water purification, and submersible water pumps

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