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Pezula Private Estate Grid-tied with backup

3.18 kWp Pezula Private Estate Grid-tied with backup with a lithium iron phosphate battery

Another Grid-tied solar system supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems using a lithium iron phosphate battery for PV generated energy storage. 

Place: Pezula Private Estate

Installation time: 3 days


36-48KWH/day Off-grid installation

36-48KWH/day Off-grid installation - Deep in the Baviaan’s Klein Karoo

Another off-grid solar system supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems using a lithium iron phosphate battery for PV generated energy storage. The off-grid solar system was designed to supply 36-48KWH/day with 10kVA peak draw.

  • 10 kVA Victron single-phase inverter charger.
  • 9.360 kW PV panels solar on special ground mount frame.
  • 2 MPPTS 185Ah.
  • 1 x Lithium ion phosphate Freedom Won 800AH usable 28kWHrs @70% D.O.D.

Off-grid solar systems are generally used when utility power is unavailable or too expensive to bring in to your home. It’s also an added bonus to be independent by being your own utility – no more utility bills!

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Sun-Connect interview with Peter Bergs from Specialized Solar Systems

Please read this interesting and detailed article from an interview with our managing director, Peter Bergs, that was published on the Sun Connect website last week over here

18.10.2017, Interview with Peter Bergs from Specialized Solar Systems, Business Member of Sun-Connect News Company Database

peter"Human capital takes time to develop, to change mindsets and influence work ethic" - Peter Bergs, Managing Director

Based in South Africa, Specialized Solar Systems offers innovative products and turnkey renewable energy solutions for the agricultural, residential and commercial sectors throughout Africa; specializing in application-specific design, accurate energy assessments, installation services, training, and strong product support.

The implementation of sustainable solar energy solutions that empower indigent and disconnected communities is the heartbeat of the company’s operations with many successful projects completed.


SC News: What is your experience: which product, beyond lighting, customers request the most? And which other appliances for Solar-Home-Systems you think should be provided in future?

Peter Bergs: From our experience in the commercial sector, it is certainly grid-tied solar systems; and for the residential sector, off-grid and hybrid solar systems. The agricultural sector largely requests grid-tied and solar water pumping solutions.

For people in underserviced energy sectors following the fundamental human energy need for basic electrical lighting, which could be a torch or a single light, the request is generally for an energy source that will support cell phone charging and basic media entertainment such as a radio or television.

Working at the electrification frontier, we offer intelligent cloud-managed solar energy stations or micro-grids that power well-priced and attractively packaged appliances to the underserviced, indigent and disconnected sectors. Our packages include extremely efficient DC electrical appliances and cover the very basic energy appliances such as lighting and cell phone charging,

SC News: Right now, we see a huge focus on pay-as-you-go sale in the off-grid sector. How do you see the further development of this type of business?

Peter Bergs: Specialized Solar Systems provides a secure and integrated online platform for solar energy management which has features such as remote system monitoring, client billing, vendor management, customer notifications and automated system switching.

This framework incorporates a variety of payment or billing packages that work with upfront payments for solar energy usage. Once set up, a billing package is allocated to a SHS and the framework performs a completely automated pay-for-energy-usage debit function.

We anticipated the need for a pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) billing plan which has proven to be very successful and allows our distributors and micro-utilities the flexibility of structuring varied amounts of payment bundles. This method has proven to be very effective with incentive-based billing structures for the demographics we deal with, who are extremely price-sensitive. It also allows an end-user to pay for the duration of the energy supply.


SC News: The market in developing countries is often influenced by local corruption, insecure governmental policies, bureaucratic hurdles for customs clearance. Which obstacle is/was for your business the most challenging one - and why?

Peter Bergs: We anticipated the challenges and obstacles came as no surprise and were dealt with as they occurred, often in a random manner.

What was anticipated as expectations for corruption was re-directed and the focus placed on additional value added outside of the framework of the contractual obligation and scope of work. An emphasis was placed on making training available, accommodating a much wider group interested in alternative energy. This included the unschooled, young and old with a clear directive that it was foundation building for those who wanted to take the training further in future.

Second to this, short term employment opportunities were created where possible (catering, driving, meeting facilitation, etc.) and opportunities for shadowing our skilled technical staff were facilitated.

Where possible, attention was given to local procurement and the needs of the community were identified for upgrading assistance (orphanages, creche and day care facilities. In some instances, well placed lights were installed in areas previously avoided at night, creating a safer environment.

This mindset and resultant action most often broadened the goodwill with the community and by taking care to attribute these interventions to the local leaders involved, generated a feeling of gratitude towards them.


Shining lights…

 An editorial about SSS's mission of becoming the Electricity utility provider for disconnected rural communities all over South Africa recently published on the Victron Energy blog site over here:


Shining lights…

Specialized Solar Systems, based in South Africa, have set themselves an ambitious target: To become the Electricity utility provider for disconnected rural communities all over South Africa.

The national electricity grid system simply does not supply electricity to many remote and outlying areas – the cost of infrastructure being prohibitive. Specialized Solar Systems – or Triple S, as they like to be known – are implementing a plan to provide overlooked communities with the electricity they need. Their plan will change lives.